Our curriculum will provide the opportunity for every young person to reach their potential and in so doing, raise standards, promote their spiritual, moral and social development including positive British values, respect and fairness. Our curriculum will enable our school to:

(i) Personalised Learning
Our curriculum will involve identifying learners’ needs and then tailoring learning and teaching to meet the specific needs of each pupil. This will be achieved by ensuring that staff know their pupils well, build on their strengths and by creating a Personalised Learning Plan for every pupil.These pathways will help raise aspirations for the most able and will support those with less ability and more vulnerable students.

(ii) Core Skills
Our curriculum will prioritise improving outcomes in English, maths and science. It will provide every young person with the opportunity to develop their literacy and numeracy skills and support them at college, training and in their future working lives. Pupils will study for GCSE and appropriate qualifications to achieve good academic attainment on par with mainstream schools.

(iii) Relevance
Our curriculum will ensure that our young people see the value of what they are learning through real life experiences which make it relevant to their lives. By emphasising skills for learning, life and work in both academic and vocational subject areas, our young people will see make connections with the use of those, in their homes, their communities, the world of work or personal interests.

(iv) Challenge & Enjoyment
Our curriculum will provide the platform to challenge, engage and motivate our young people in their learning. It will encourage pupils to have high aspirations and ambitions by nurturing their talents and by creating enriching learning experiences. Pupils of all abilities will enjoy their learning experiences, at appropriate level of challenge. They will be active in their lear