In September 2015, Coal Clough Academy became a member school of the Education Partnership Trust, a not-for-profit multi-academy trust and approved Academy sponsor based in East Lancashire.

From building schools to developing partnerships, the Education Partnership Trust works to improve opportunities and outcomes for children, young people and professionals in the education sector.

The multi-academy trust was established in 2012 in response to a demand for local alternative provision. The Heights Alternative Provision Free School opened in September 2013 and was judged by Ofsted to be good in September 2014. Eden BESD Special School opened in September 2014.

Schools within the Trust all have access to a wide range of central services and support. Where schools are not good or outstanding, the EPT will facilitate a high quality and bespoke package of support.

For good and outstanding schools within the EPT, the Trust encourages and facilitates continued development. There is an expectation that school will engage in delivering mutual support for their own benefit and the benefit of other schools in the trust.

Our Vision

To create outstanding schools which transform learning, lives and communities

Core Principles

High Expectations
We have the highest expectations of ourselves, our pupils, our staff and our school community.

We will work collaboratively with partners to achieve the best possible outcomes for our pupils.

We are passionate about education and learning as a vehicle to life opportunities and committed to our pursuit of excellence in all we do.

We relentlessly pursue new ideas that drive best practice, increase our effectiveness and improve outcomes.

To find out more about the Education Partnership Trust, please click here to visit the official EPT website.