At Coal Clough, we work to implement a highly personalised learning programme. We look at each pupil’s individual needs, tracking their progress and identifying challenging next steps for each of them. This results in all our pupils making good progress and achieving their potential.

Aspects of personalised learning


High Quality Teaching & Learning

The day-to-day interactions between teachers and pupils in the classroom at Coal Clough provide the basis for the effective development of personalised learning. Our teachers seek to engage and support the learning of all children and young people by building on their prior learning. Our priority is to support pupils so that they can keep up with the pace of learning and make good rates of progress.

Target Setting & Tracking

We ensure that we complete thorough baseline assessments of all pupils on entry into the school. We then carry out precise target setting and rigorous and regular tracking of progress towards these targets. By having clear knowledge of the attainment of each pupil and the progress they are making we can further personalise pupils’ learning opportunities in the classroom.

Focussed Assessment

Rigorous assessment and tracking of pupil performance at Coal Clough is used in order to inform classroom practice. This enables pupils to make good progress and close attainment gaps.


The great majority of our pupils can succeed through quality first, class-based, teaching
However, even in a classroom where our personalised learning programmes are effective, for some pupils this approach is not sufficient. Some of our pupils benefit from additional small group or one-to-one interventions in the Learning Support Unit to enable them to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential.

Pupil Grouping

We organise classes to cater for a wide variety of pupil strengths and weaknesses. Having effective grouping that is carefully planned ensures effective learning and enables teachers to deliver the most appropriate curriculum to each individual.

The Learning Environment

Our learning environments are well organised and used flexibly to support a range of
different interactive teaching and learning approaches. The school and classroom environment, and the organisation of resources within it ensure that we can make a significant impact on the quality of children and young people’s learning at Coal Clough.

Curriculum Organisation

Our curriculum caters for the needs and interests of the full range of learners at Coal Clough
including those:

  • Who have been permanently excluded.
  • With medical needs who are unable to access mainstream education for a variety of reasons.
    At risk of exclusion.
  • By offering a highly personalised curriculum we can find the right challenge for pupils and address their particular needs so all have an equal opportunity to succeed.

The Extended Curriculum

Helping our young people to discover or develop new interests and talents is an important aspect of our personalised learning programmes. Our Extended School programme does this by offering a range of academic and social opportunities for pupils to engage in. such as:

  • Offering a full range of ‘out of hours’ activities which enhance and extend the basic curriculum
  • Ensuring access for all groups of pupils
  • Involving parents and carers, as well as the wider community, in extended provision
  • Providing access to other services, including health and social services

Supporting Children’s Wider Needs

We work to identify barriers to learning of our pupils beyond the classroom and then address
them. We are committed to ensure that every child has the support they need to achieve in order to be be healthy, stay safe and make a successful transition back into a mainstream environment or on to college, training or further education. We work with external agencies and other organisations share information and provide support to our pupils so that they can achieve what they want in life.

“Regular feedback and having a named person to contact aids me in ensuring that our pupils make good progress”

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