Leadership Team

Holly Clarke
Holly ClarkeActing Headteacher
Sarah Thomas
Sarah ThomasAssistant Head
Chris Whittaker
Chris WhittakerHead of English
Vicky Allen
Vicky AllenSchool Business Manager
Shaun Flatley
Shaun FlatleyHead of Vocational
Dillon Yates
Dillon YatesBehaviour Manager
Nat Eatwell
Nat EatwellDesignated Safeguarding Lead

Key Staff

  • Peter Berry, Head of Maths, pberry@coalclough.org
  • Bev Bolton, Maths/Science Teacher (SEND), bbolton@coalclough.org
  • Lauren Keenan, Attendance and Family Support, lkeenan@coalclough.org
  • Stella Lonsdale, Lead – Careers Advice & Guidance, slonsdale@coalclough.org
  • Gary Schofield, Lead – Outdoor Education Instructor, gschofield@coalclough.org
  • Linda Goddard, Lead – Admissions, lgoddard@coalclough.org


  • Adele Cross–Marr, Art Teacher & Learning Support, across-marr@coalclough.org
  • Alice Walters, English Teacher, awalters@coalclough.org
  • Barbara Ashton, KS3 Teacher, bashton@coalclough.org
  • Katie Smith, PE Teacher, ksmith@coalclough.org
  • Fazilia Karolia, KS3 Teacher, fkarolia@coalclough.org
  • Jamie Dean, Maths Teacher, jdean@coalclough.org
  • John Warriner, Maths Teacher, jwarriner@coalclough.org
  • Donna Halleron, KS3 Teacher, dhalleron@coalclough.org
  • Emily Fagan, KS3 Teacher, efagan@coalclough.org
  • Paul Kenyon, Teacher, pkenyon@coalclough.org

Teaching and Pupil Support

  • Sonya Johnson, Pastoral Support, sjohnson@coalclough.org
  • Graham Hawkins, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, ghawkins@coalclough.org
  • Jayne Hambley, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, jhambley@coalclough.org
  • Simon Clarke, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, sclarke@coalclough.org
  • Diane Weyer, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, dweyer@coalclough.org
  • Noor Miah, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, nmiah@coalclough.org
  • Gemma Foster, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, gfoster@coalclough.org
  • John O’Kane, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, jokane@coalclough.org
  • Demi Hartley, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, dhartley@coalclough.org
  • Vikki Bishop, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, vbishop@coalclough.org
  • Edel McGinn, Counsellor, emcginn@coalclough.org
  • Dixon Lambert, Outdoor Education Instructor, dlambert@coalclough.org
  • Alison Gedling, Outdoor Education Instructor, agedling@coalclough.org
  • Sarah Riley, Construction Instructor, sriley@coalclough.org
  • Julie Heaton, Hair and Beauty Instructor, jheaton@coalclough.org
  • Kerris Stanley, Teaching Assistant, kstanley@coalclough.org
  • Mohammed Farook, Teaching Assistant, mfarook@coalclough.org
  • Rebecca Lambert, Teaching Assistant, rlambert@coalclough.org
  • Sue Clements, Teaching Assistant, sclements@coalclough.org
  • Sue Wilkinson, Teaching Assistant, swilkinson@coalclough.org

Business Support Staff

  • Susan Godden, Exams & Assessment Officer
  • Deborah Baldwin, Business Support Officer
  • Wendy Godden, Business Support Apprentice
  • Stephanie Carter, Business Support Officer

Kitchen Staff

  • Tracey McKnight, Catering Manager
  • Nicola Rickwood, Catering Assistant

Premises Staff

  • Keiran Gaughan, Site Supervisor
  • Shirley Walne, Cleaner
  • Janet Lofthouse, Cleaner