1.0 Introduction

All students referred to Coal Clough Academy are commissioned by the Local Authority.  They will fall into one of two groups:

1.1 Statutory

These students are referred to us by Lancashire County Council who commission and fund places with us because a student may have been:

  • Permanently excluded from their mainstream school.
  • Referred by a Medical Consultant as they are at that time due to ill health unable to access a mainstream school.
  • Be new to the area and it is deemed unsuitable at that time to move into a local mainstream school.
  • Returning to education following a period of time out of education either as a Child Missing Education or returning from Elective Home Education.

1.2 Non-Statutory

These students can be referred to us by mainstream school on an individual basis and for a variety of reasons but ultimately because they are not succeeding in school. The plan in most cases is for a student to then return to their own mainstream or have a managed move to a new mainstream setting arranged. However in Key Stage 4 it is sometimes deemed more appropriate that they remain at Coal Clough Academy  to complete their GCSE qualifications.

For these students their mainstream school funds their place directly with Coal Clough Academy using the Age Weighted Pupil Unit Funding.

1.3 Students referred through the statutory or non-statutory route have access to the same high quality education and small class sizes allowing for high staff-student ratio alongside focused teaching tailored to individual needs enabling students to make good progress both academically and socially.

2.0. Admission Criteria

2.1 Coal Clough Academy has 108 Commissioned school places.

2.2 Coal Clough Academy  cannot accept applications from parents or carers.

2.3 . In the case of oversubscription of applications, the school s will refer to these criteria in priority order:

(a) Children Looked After

CLA are a priority group and are required to be admitted regardless of pupil numbers on roll.

(b) Permanently Excluded Pupils

Full time education will begin no later than the sixth day of the permanent exclusion, which is the legal requirement.

(c) Pupils with Medical Needs:

Should the referral be appropriate and a placement at Coal Clough be required, then the pupil should access a place within 15 days of their absence from education due to the medical condition.

(d) New to Area

Full time education will begin no later than the six days after referral.

(e) Non statutory

All the above groups take priority over non statutory pupils in relation to accessing  placements at Coal Clough Academy.

 3.0 Application Process for Non- Statutory Places

Applications for places must be made on the Coal Clough application form provided. Referral forms are available at www.coalclough.org.uk

Visits to school by students and parents if requested.

Completed forms returned electronically to the school and confirmation of placement e-mailed to the school.

Application forms processed.

Admissions meeting.

Home visit if appropriate.

Induction Programme

 4.0  The Provision will:

4.1 Have a clear purpose with a focus on education and achievement as well as meeting the pupils’ needs and rigorous assessment.

4.2 Offer appropriate and challenging teaching in Core, foundation and vocational subjects  on a par with mainstream education – unless this is being provided elsewhere within a package of provision.

4.3 Be suited to pupils’ capabilities, and give pupils the opportunity to take appropriate qualifications.

4.4 Have good arrangements for working with other relevant services such as social care, SEND,  child and adolescent mental health services, youth offending teams, and drug support services

4.5 Alternative Personalised Programmes for pupils excluded during KS4 if reintegration is not appropriate.

4.6 Comprehensive induction programme (up to 4 weeks) where a thorough assessment of a student’s needs is carried out.

“I want to tell you how impressed I was with your school on a recent visit. Students are articulate and honest and are a credit to you”