Coal Clough Academy has teamed up with WEDUC to create the perfect tool for transforming the way we communicate with parents & carers.

The app offers a wide variety of features but most importantly it puts everything in one place; ‘our hub’. It will improve communication between staff & parents/carers making it quick, easy and efficient. The app also supports our aim to move towards becoming a paperless school in terms of how we communicate.

Some of the main benefits to parents are;

  • Instant access to your child’s learning profile
  • You can monitor your child’s attendance daily
  • You can monitor your child’s behaviour and achievements daily
  • Direct communication between school and home
  • You can receive instant notifications specific to your child about upcoming events, trips etc.

But there are many more too. Please feel free to watch the WEDUC presentation to look at the other features the app offers. For further information, please email Chris Whittaker, Deputy Headteacher on

“Regular feedback and having a named person to contact aids me in ensuring that our pupils make good progress”

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