Curriculum Pathways 2022-2023

At Coal Clough Academy, we strive to provide the right pathway for all students. From the initial induction and admission process, we begin to gather information to help us identify the most suitable provision for our students. We consider the prior learning, educational experience, any gaps in learning and potential barriers and plan out carefully the best pathway through our provisions process for the student to succeed. 

We have our KS3 provision which consists of; 1 Year 7 class, 2 Year 8 classes and 2 Year 9 classes. Our KS4 provision consists of 4 Year 10 classes and 4 Year 11 classes. We also have our alternative pathways which students are transitioned to if additional support is required. After periods of absence or gaps in education, it is often hard for students to integrate back into education fully so we created these pathways as a temporary support to allow the reintegration to be successful. We offer alternative pathways for KS4 and KS3 and we also offer bespoke 1-1 provisions as short term pathways to start the reintegration process into one of the groups.

“I really like the teachers and staff here. They prepare fun lessons and give you lots of support”