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Written by Ebony Grimshaw

ALBERT Buruiana moved to England from Braila, Romania, approximately six months ago. It may surprise you to learn that Year 10 Albert learnt to speak English from watching YouTube video’s and films. Albert started to teach himself magic tricks just over a year ago, after a street magician showed him a trick, he was so amazed he wanted to learn how to do it. Albert now practices 6-7 hours each day to improve his skills and learn new tricks. He hopes this dedication will help him become a professional magician when he is older. Albert is certainly determined and has shown perseverance in the past to achieve great things. People in school may know Albert for his marvellous magic tricks, but this is not the only skill he possesses. Albert was the Romanian National Champion in Karate when he was just 14 years old. He used to train five days each week to reach this standard, which he said was far harder than learning magic. Another interesting fact about Albert is that he can also speak Italian.