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by Courtney Burridge

Weekly Thai boxing sessions have been held during the spring term for our Year 11 students. Every Thursday afternoon eight boys attend the Hakuda Gym in Burnley and receive an hour’s training from Kieran Adamson. All of the sessions, run in partnership with Burnley Leisure, focus on the four elements of kicking, punching, knees and elbows. A typical session begins with a warm up of skipping followed by pad work in pairs. This is to develop teamwork and communication skills. Throughout the sessions the students are drilled in discipline and respect, if they break the rules, punishments are handed out. One of our students, Aadon Johnson, has knowledge of the sport and so is helping to train and coach the other students, which is excellent and great to watch. Vicky Bishop accompanies the students and praised the progress made by Kamran Adrees, Regan Kelly and Jack Hardman. Vicky said: “The boys’ motivation and achievement so far is fantastic and I can’t wait to see their skills develop further.” Keep up the good work!