Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum provides the opportunity for every young person to reach their potential and in so doing, raise standards, promote their spiritual, moral and social development including positive British values, respect and fairness.

The new curriculum will enable our school to:

  • Improve outcomes in English and Maths by developing pupils’ CORE SKILLS.
  • Identify pupils’ needs quickly and then initiate a PERSONALISED approach in order to meet those specific needs.
  • Ensure that our pupils see the value of what they are learning through real life experiences which make it RELEVANT to their lives.
  • Provide the platform to CHALLENGE, ENGAGE and motivate our young people in their learning.
  • Promote achievement for everyone and ensure all pupils are  valued, safe, nurtured, healthy, active, and INCLUDED.
  • Encourage pupils to reflect on their own learning, strengths and areas to develop and identify the NEXT STEPS on their learning journey.

If you would like to find our more about the school curriculum, please contact Holly Clarke (Head Teacher) Email:

Click here to view our Key Stage 4 curricular pathway